Sales Team

The Driving Force of Growth

Our Sales Team is the beating heart of Aiia. Together with clients, we rewrite the script on what is possible with payments and data in Europe. And we deliver on this vision, bringing growth to both our clients’ businesses and to Aiia.

The team bridges the gap between Aiia’s amazing products and the growing need for open banking solutions that simply work across all of Europe. We combine our extensive experience from various aspects of the financial space, ranging from Saxo Bank, Danske Bank and Visa, to meet and exceed the current market needs head on. As a domain-driven organisation, we have an end-to-end responsibility for the customer journey - from a warm lead to a thrilled customer. 


We’re trusted advisors to many banks in Europe, ranging from the well-established Pan-European banks, like Santander and Danske Bank, to high-growth challenger banks like Lunar. By advising and driving strategic partnerships with banks, we’re accelerating the growth at Aiia and expanding our innovative services across Europe. Our strong track record and ability to bring open banking data, payments and PSD2 compliance solutions that simply work to banks is second to none. In a highly competitive market, we’re battling for the future of banking and we need the best people to win.

We help banks strategise open banking and solve actual problems that deliver tangible business value. In the Banking division, you’ll work with a stellar team of people, all skilled in banking and sales from experience with companies like Danske Bank, Saxo Bank and Visa to high-growth fintech companies.


It's been estimated that in the next five years, 45% of the card-based payments will be account-to-account (A2A) payments. That’s why we created Aiia Pay, allowing end users and businesses to initiate payments directly from their own bank account to the receiving bank account in just a few fast, simple and secure clicks.

This is our fastest-growing segment and the opportunities are enormous. The payments industry is one of the most dynamic and complex markets, where digitalisation is altering business models and rewriting the rules almost daily. Aiia’s simple and direct solution plays a crucial part in leading this evolution. Our solution works brilliantly to solve thousands of use cases and dissolves traditional pain points customers have had in the past. 

This segment is owned by payments experts who have a great nose for use cases and a deep knowledge of the payments market. 


Aiia was founded because of the challenges we faced as an SMB in the open banking space. As a response to this, we’ve committed ourselves to stimulating SMB innovation by supporting and partnering up with all companies striving to change, challenge and shape their products through financial integrations. This is done by equipming all SMBs with simple and easy access to bank data and payments solutions, bringing their innovative ideas to live solutions faster. 

This is the division of Sales that tailors to all new use cases of fintechs and merchants that are looking to increase and drive innovation. Our SMB clients are fast-paced and quick to deliver new products that impact millions of people across Europe.


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